Prepare for College

Select your courses, take the SAT/ACT & get involved!
1. Select the appropriate courses & WORK HARD!
The California State Universities (CSUs) and Universities of California (UCs) require students to take the following courses, known as the “A-G” requirements:

A full list of Gahr’s “A-G” courses can be found here.

Students must earn a grade of “C” or above in each course, otherwise they must re-take the course during summer school. If you have questions about re-taking a course, please talk to your counselor as soon as possible.

The "A-G" courses typically fulfill the course requirements for private universities. However, as this varies by campus, be sure to check each university's website to ensure you are fulfilling all course requirements.

2. Take the SAT or ACT!
Most universities require students to take either the SAT or ACT, which are two different college entrance exams. Some students may choose to take both to see which test they do better on.

Register for the SAT at
Register for the ACT at

It is recommended that students take the test once during the spring of their Junior year, and then again in the fall of their Senior year.
The last exam date that will count towards college applications is the December test date of Senior year. However, some universities may require you to take it earlier.

3. Get involved!
Join a club, volunteer, and spend your free time pursuing something you are passionate about and enjoy! Gain leadership experience and step out and make a difference in the world!