Counseling Team Contact Information

Ms. Bear      Student last name:  De-H    [email protected]            office hours Wednesdays***
Mr. Segura     Student last names: A-Da    [email protected]      office hours Tuesdays***
Mr. Andresen     Student last names: I-Mo     [email protected]    office hours Mondays***
Ms. Arechiga     Student last names: Mu-R   [email protected]      office hours Thursdays***
Mrs. Maddox  Student last names: S-Z      [email protected]       office hours Fridays***
English Learners Counselor:
Ms. Lozano  [email protected] office hours Thursdays***
Google Classroom: q2kfcwi
***Office hours are held during snack and lunch for counselors on their indicated days.  Students are encourage to meet with counselors during office hours or make an appointment.
Grade Level Google Classrooms
Class of 2023:  ezra63x 
Class of 2024:  qwsstro 
Cass of 2025:  vk3xvjp 
Class of 2026:  
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